How can we be of service to you?

VB Seals, Inc. is equipped with the knowledge and know-how to take care of your most basic or outside of the box requirements. We pride ourselves on taking care of every need our customers may have regardless how small or big.

  • Our experienced staff has over 100 year service in the sealing industry and is constantly learning about the latest in the industry. This will cut down the amount of required to solve your problems.

  • We work with several different types of packaging depending on the type of parts. Everything from kit packaging, custom labeling, to custom shrink wrapped parts. Everything we do is to protect the product and meet customer specifications.

  • VB Seals has a large customer footprint in distribution. Currently supplying products to over 20 different customers worldwide. We utilize multiple modes of transportation to meet our customers dates. 

Finished Assemblies
  • VB Seals is willing to work with customers on projects that involve secondary operations on products. This removes one step of the process from our customers and allows the product to arrive ready for immediate use. 

JIT/EDI Stocking Program
  • Integrated supply programs available to meet individual customers needs. We will work with our customers to properly forecast and stock product to assure on-time delivery at the lowest possible cost.